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Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel ・ Saipan ikuyamba kugwira ntchito pa 6 Julayi, 2017


Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited is delighted to announce that we will be moving from our temporary training facility – Best Sunshine Live to the Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel ・ Saipan, the world-class casino in Garapan on Thursday, July 6, 2017. This spectacular new casino is set to redefine luxury as part of Saipan’s exciting development into a world center of leisure and entertainment.

Through the main entrance of the casino building, a grand lobby with 5 giant LED screens and a luxurious hallway leads visitors directly into the gaming and entertainment area. Stimulating and yet elegant, the gaming area features over 70 gaming tables and over 190 electronic gaming machines.

The aesthetic and innovative architectural concept of this resort hotel is the perfect blend of breath-taking underwater world and the essence of western architecture. The exquisite masterpiece is created by industry-leading architectural firm – Steelman Partner, which specializes in creating world-class luxury resort and hotel. In future, the hotel building will offer 329 opulent hotel suites and 15 deluxe villas, numerous restaurants headed by famous Michelin Star chefs and the first rank convention and entertainment facilities.

Located at the heart of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel ・ Saipan is one of the first world-class luxury Resort & Hotel project of Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC Limited.

Saipan, a precious pearl in the West of Pacific Ocean, has unique and natural geographical environment and an abundant array of tourism resources. Surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and tropical rainforest, this tropical paradise offers beautiful white sand beaches under a picture-perfect skyline. Saipan is definitely an ideal tropical destination for leisure and relaxation.

As Mr. Kwong Yiu Ling, Chief Executive Officer of Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) commented, “Imperial Pacific has committed to the development of world-class investment and high-end entertainment projects In Saipan. We are very excited to transfer to the Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel・Saipan. It is our first milestone and will definitely help to launch a new era of luxury in Saipan. We will be working very hard for the sustainable development and Saipan, will become one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world.

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